Document scanning & digitization services


At Essjay we are equipped with the latest high-speed document imaging & scanning equipments to provide you with a fast, high quality and cost-effective documents scanning service in Mumbai… India… across world .

Our document scanning service is:
a. Cost effective
b. Reduce the physical storage space
c. Makes organizing and retrieving files quick & easy.

Our scanning & digitization service converts bulky paper documents into a convenient, space-saving electronic archive.

As document scanning specialists, Essjay provide comprehensive electronic archiving solutions for a wide range of public & private sector organizations. Our scanning bureau is equipped with the latest industry-leading scanning equipments, which produces clear, high-quality digital transformation of your documents. Our document management system (DMS) known as scanNplus is a software that lets you manage electronic documents quick & easy.

Document scanning services

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Document Digitization Services

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After the conversion of the paper documents into PDF format, digitization make it easier for you to search, access, retrieve and distribute the required information. By digitizing, indexing & OCR techniques we will improve your organization's efficiency and output. We have developed quality control software that guarantees document digitization accuracy. With our 30 years of experience in document digitization services, we can assist your organization to become a paperless office. We consistently adhere to best practices and meet the highest compliance standards for your industry.

Indexing: We have developed automatic indexing software that guarantees your document digitization accuracy. Document indexing is the process of associating information with a file or specific tag allowing it to be easily found and retrieved. The Indexed information will then be programmed into a document management system, which helps users to easily access the data they require.

OCR: Optical Character Recognition is a technology that enables you to convert different types of documents such as scanned paper documents, PDF files or images captured by a scanner into editable and searchable data.

We shall collect your documents form your site and store them at our secure warehouse. These documents will then be converted into digital documents at our premises.

Once the documents have been scanned, the respective digital documents will be returned via a password protected device or a secured access to our cloud. Which means you can access the digital documents at anytime & anywhere in the world. If required, we will safely destroy the original physical documents and issue a certificate of destruction. Alternatively, we will preserve the original physical documents securely at our warehouse. Or resend the original physical documents to your office.

A Complete Outsourcing Document Scanning Service:

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Onsite Document Scanning Service:

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Our on-site scanning service is capable to handle all kind of documents with perspective of confidentiality and security. In such instances, the entire project will be carried out at the client premises. We shall install high-speed scanners, digitalise physical documents, perform quality check & shredding of physical documents (if required). Our professional team shall seamlessly utilise IT professional equipment. Depending on the volume of the project, we will be up & running in full production mode within a day or two.

A dedicated team consisting of a project manager, experienced scanning technicians, document preppers and other necessary personnel will report daily to your office. Our proven document imaging process and quality assurance methodology will be applied throughout the projects. If your office staff needs a document that our team is processing, it will be found, scanned & delivered urgently. Our experienced project manager will work with you to create cost-effective solution. Once the documents are digitised, retrieval of the documents will be quick & easy. Using our portal/cloud, your digital documents are just a click away. The client can upload existing digital documents directly onto our portal/cloud.

Our on-demand scanning service is an excellent and cost-effective way to manage documentation. On-demand scanning service works on a pay-as-you-go basis. We store your physical document at our warehouse. If you need any particular documents urgently, we shall digitalise the documents and email the link for your access.

This service keep digitalization cost to a minimum, while giving you as much as little access to your documents as you need. As the physical documents are securely stored at our warehouse, you get the same space (physical) saving benefits by digitalizing 100% of your documents just for a fraction of the cost. Our simple online ordering facility means a document can be retrieved, scanned and made available to you within minutes.

On-Demand Scanning Services:

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On-going daily Onsite Scanning Service:

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Our on-going daily onsite scanning service is capable to handle all kind of documents with perspective of confidentiality & security. In such instances, the entire project will be carried out at the client premises. This will allow you to restrict the use of external equipment and system at your premises to maintain security aspects. In such instance our Day-to-Day service can be utilised for digitalizing and uploading your document onto our portal/cloud.

Our experienced scanning operators will attend your office on daily basis to fulfil entire digitization process under your control. Our experienced project managers will work with you to create cost-effective solution.


In addition to standard documents, there are a variety of specialty document scanning services that are available. Some of the most common services include:


Bulk document scanning services helps convert large volume of paper documents into space-saving digital files.


Convert Large Format paper drawings / Blue prints Drawing and plans to a smaller, digital file format, in order to save space.


Books, Magazine, News papers scanning is the process of converting physical books and magazines into digital media.


Photo Scanning. Image Scanning. Picture Scanning. Save Old Photo and Images. photo sharing, transfer of a user's digital photos online.


Essjay have plenty of experience to convert these document to digital format with out any correction and reduction in quality.


Legal documents have a lot of confidential information in them, so going digital will prevent the risk of losing, misplacing, or misfiling any files.


Medical Records Scanning Services help Practices, Hospitals, and Clinics add paper-based Patient Charts to Electronic Medical Record (EMR).


Invoice scanning is the process where supplier invoices in different formats are scanned in order to digitize and capture the invoice information.

Document Scanning Process


Collection of documents for scanning for most projects is our own transport and staff. The collection is usually done with existing archive boxes or archive boxes that we provide. Every box is labelled with a unique job and box number. The labels are kept anonymous for security reasons. We offer a FREE collection service via our secure tracked vehicles by our own staffs.


Often clients can provide us with a list of files from, for example, their HR management system. We can use this data to generate a barcode for each file. Each barcode is then placed with each file. This then keeps the files traceable; we will know what box each file is in. Each file is now a unique record in our database. This data is then used later in the process to run a 100% File Present Verification Process.


Before documents are scanned, all the staples, paper clips and bindings need to be removed. Pages are straightened, aligned, rotated and gathered up into batches ready for the scanner. This is a very manual process and is often combined with inserting the barcodes.


The documents are now ready for scanning. We have several scanners, mainly Kodak / Fujitsu scanners ensuring highest quality images are captured. We generally use midrange document scanners. This gives us a chance to constantly monitor the quality of the output and deal with any paper jams and multi-feeds. Our operators watch every document through the scanner meaning a real time quality control process is always in effect.


Here our software will search for barcodes and each time the software finds a valid barcode on a scanned document, it will split the scanned file, and name the file with the barcode number. The barcode number is usually the unique record ID from our database.


The index is usually complete at this point. The barcode is linked back to the database, so we know exactly what the file is. Some projects where data is not provided in advance can be indexed from the scanned document and the database entry made at this point.


During the scanning process our operators constantly monitor the images that are being created. Our midrange scanners provide enough time for this process. Random statistical quality controls are also in place to check batches of documents, in the event of a failure, batches being rescanned.


Here we can now run queries on the scanned files that have been created and relate this data back to the original index information that was provided. Discrepancies are investigated and reported.


Most of the work that we return is PDF these days. A PDF can contain searchable OCR text, which can be searched upon, or extracted and used within a Document Management System. This is the process that OCR processes the raw scanned files and creates a searchable PDF, or a separate text file in the case of files that cannot contain text, such as TIFF or JPEG scanned files.


Every project if different. Some require a scanned document to be returned in a Windows folder structure, some will require a separate index file, such as a CSV, Excel, Access database. At this point our processes are designed for the clients specific requirements, the scanned file format, TIFF, PDF, PDF/A, and the formatting of the file names and index formats are produced at this point.


Scanned images are delivered back to you on a HDD or uploaded into either our own cloud hosted system or into your own database / EDM. Alternatively, “ScanNplus" our document management system lets you scan documents straight into our system from your site or office.

Once the documents have been scanned, digital files are returned via a password-protected disk, hard drive or securely hosted online, meaning you can access the information at any time, from anywhere in the world. If required, all data should be encrypted to AES 256 standards


  • Once you are happy you need your paperwork is Securely deliver the documents back to you.
  • Securely store the documents in a purpose build warehouse.
  • Securely shredded, pulped and recycled. A certificate of destruction is then issued.