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Create an approach towards digitalization & paperless
office with scanNplus DMS.

Go-Paperless is the path to digitalization. It’s also an effort towards the Go-Green initiative & Save Environment. It also helps to reduce the usage of paper (up to 75%), saves time, saves space and saves money. Convert your physical document storage space into increased workspace. Paperless office helps streamline teamwork and digitalized communication. Paperless office will always help in preserving wildlife, reducing pollution, reducing the reliance upon the waste that is created by documents across all businesses.

with scanNplus…Go-Paperless, it is the path to digitalization

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scanNplus is designed for small – large businesses of all industries

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Believe it or not, going paperless is easier than you think. Let’s take a decision, Be the smart owner of paperless office by installing India’s Best & affordable Document Management system called “scanNplus”. scanNplus is an excellent tool for every organization to achieve a paperless environment. scanNplus is designed for small & large businesses across all industries.

scanNplus as a tool will benefit your organization in countless ways. Where documents are managed electronically and workflows are visible at every step to all employees, this will increase the organization’s productivity. Moreover this system dramatically simplifies document tracking and takes away the hassle of physical documents management. Multiple employees across different departments can work on the same document concurrently. Having the right information at the right time will increase the employees efficiency. scanNplus helps streamline teamwork and digitalized documentation.

High productivity & time management with scanNplus

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Rich features of scanNplus

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This application is equipped with file & folder functionality which enables the organization to keep all the documents in a central repository. scanNplus has rich features like approval workflow, document versioning, audit log, access control, data indexing, searching & secure document sharing.

Document Viewer

Document viewer with markup and annotations. All file formats supportable document viewer.

Approval System

Document approval workflow. Document approval history & tracking. All actions notification by email.


Export reports in excel & pdf format. Drill down reports. Detailed audit logs report. Document access history report, folders report, user actions report.


Automated workflow notifications. Document expiration notifications. Document sharing notifications. User creation & updating notifications.

Version Control

Document version control. Document version history & tracking.

The most featured DMS system-2021

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Web based application (accessible from anywhere & anytime). Personalized company profile. Document storage, document indexing. Integrated document printing with/without annotations, OCR Engine.

Doc/ Folder Sharing

File upload, folder upload, document sharing via link/attachment, folder sharing. Download documents in original format. Multilevel folder structure.


Role based access control, two factor authentication. External doc upload with two factor authentication. Folder sharing with two factor authentication.

Powerful Searching

Keyword search, OCR level search, advance search, indexing search.